About the Company

Experts of our company conduct continuous work, which involves:

  • •  Studying global statistics in order to identify the most profitable niches for investing

  • •  Analyzing the reasons for the growth of various potentially interesting investment directions

  • •  Creating a forecast for the future and figuring out how long our partners will benefit from investing in a particular segment of business

New Trends

Looking for some innovative sectors for investing our capital (nuclear energy, high technologies, ICO), among other things, we do not bypass the global logistics, investments in which bring high profits.

While investing in container transportation of cargo, we were in search of more attractive investment options. And today the mixed cargoes transportation is such an option.

Starting from 2014, we are witnessing the continuous growth of this segment of the business. It is due to such a simple factor as reduction in the cost of delivering goods from a sender to a recipient with minor losses in terms of transportation. This is taking place alongside the continued decrease in foreign trade volumes.


The expert study ordered by us confirmed that the global growth of the mixed cargoes market has been observed since 2014. What is the reason for that? The decrease in foreign trade volumes leads to a corresponding decrease in the number of "classical" international transportations!

Smart delivery

Forming the cargoes with the help of special algorithms designed to optimize the route of delivery.

Live control

Clients can track the current position of their packages on the route using the mobile application.

Within modern economic realities, senders from different countries all over the world are often unable to load a full truck or at least a capacious container.

Low cost

Reducing the cost of transportation, which is the main competitive advantage of mixed cargoes transportation, by grouping the delivery packages according to the optimal route.

Mutual benefit

The consolidation of various shipments by the carrier, up to an economically justified volume of transportation in a given direction, forms a mutually beneficial tandem.


Official registration

The priorities of our company are reliability and stability of all structures. That's why we conduct an absolutely transparent and legal activity.

All transportation routes and financial operations of the company are absolutely legal and correspond to all legal norms and standards of this business. Each client of our company has full access to the documentary base and legal documents of our company.

The main office of the company is registered in England. All legal documents are available at the UK register of companies; you can open them via the link below.


37, Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4NJ, UNITED KINGDOM